The project took place in the neighborhood of Hackney Wick within a one kilometer radius around arebyte gallery (White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, East London).

During the project, more than 300 contact microphones have been handed out to the visitors of the gallery.

154 microphones have been reported and were recorded and published on the  interactive online map.

contributors  -  made the project possible through financial support:

Philip Metz, Imra Wes, Carla Capeto, C.J. Harris, Jonathan Jona, Soo Jin Lee, Alfred Hirster, John Grzinich, Heidi Imgrund, Sabine Steuernagel, Christian Kraatz, Monique Besten, Gabriel Thomas, Oliver Tuercke, Kurt Wildhagen, Georg Winter, Albert V., Angelika Tuercke-Wildhagen, Klaus Mähring, Wolfram Wildhagen, Mel Dasan, Paul Nicholas, Ant Carrington, Limilemon, Fam. Eichhorn, Irmgard Wildhagen

powered by

supported by

participants  -  have placed one or several microphones:

Smaranda, Callum, Lisa, Frank, Dygoro, Grapa, Timothy, Richard, Paul, Gianna & James, Nimrod, David, Wolfram,  Eleni, Christian, Jaan, Mel, Mirko, Ashley, Carrie, Ivan, Victoria, Tyreac, Nadia, Warren, Ada, John, Christiana, Hajni, Erin, Emre, Jon, Shannon, Maria, Agnese, Caroline, Tyler, Christian, Emiddio, Lara, Rasheed, Mariah, David, Precious, Lala, Gosa, Chelsea, Mary, Shannon, Lorenza, Julia, George, Kasseem, Tashan, Khadhija, Nima, Messua, Chereka, Eray, Oliver, Perry, Bojana, Luigi, Becs, Sam, Giorgia, Tommy,

... and some anonymous

collaborators  -  have placed and recorded several microphones:

Carrie Foulkes, Shannon Woo, David Webb, Emiddio Vasquez, Warren Shaw, Random Order

special thanks to:

Nimrod Vardi (curator, arebyte), Hajni Semsei (arebyte), Agnese Reginaldo (arebyte), Jack Brown (Hackney Wicked Festival), Lala Thorpe (Hackney New School), Oliver & Nadia (general support)

Film by Christian Kraatz about the Structural Sound Project London


On this interactive map you find sound samples of all installed microphones. You can click several recordings at the same time to design your own individual composition of Hackney Wick‘s structural sounds. Depending on your internet connection, the map might take a while to open. Please be patient. (in case you are using firefox, click HERE)